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MOQ: 10 Spools (Ships Free)

Mix and match colors!

Color: Black

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Spools (Ships Free)

You can mix and match colors.

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***Only spooled on plastic spools.***
MOQ = 10 Spools
You can mix and match colors.

JMO PLA+ HS: Trusted in our print farms across the USA, our PLA+ High Speed offers the same quality as eSUN PLA+ but at a more cost-effective price point. It’s designed for higher printing speeds, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Quality Guarantee: We stand by our product. If you experience any issues with JMO PLA+ HS, simply let us know, and we will replace your spool—no questions asked!

Extrusion Temperature: 210-230
Bed Temperature: 46 - 60℃
Diameter: 1.75mm ± .03 mm
Print Speed: 40 - 300mm/s
Filament Weight: 1 KG


- Designed for high-speed printing, significantly faster than standard PLA+
- Easy to print, minimal warping, and low shrinkage
- Quality guaranteed, spools replaced with no questions asked!

- Spool comes vacuum-sealed in a bag with desiccant, individually boxed.